How we do what we do.


full project planning by forge design Whether you are a fan of Agile or Waterfall development, or you don't know what either mean, we have you covered.

We start all projects with a thorough Q&A planning session to ascertain your requirements and strategy. What is the purpose of your site? Who is your audience? What do they need? The output of this session is documented and turned into a project charter, a list of key deliverables.

Once these deliverables have been agreed upon we move onto the second planning phase. Here we collect any existing assets: pictures, written content and/or marketing materials you wish to use and create a formal project plan.

Once this is in place and signed off on we move the development phase.


development for you by forge design Before any web development takes place we first produce a story board using the information collected in the planning phase.

This gives you a feel for the user journey, functionality and high level look and feel of your proposed site.

Once we have agreed upon a design development on our dedicated test server begins. We will, throughout the development life cycle look for feedback and input in the shape of reviews.


we work with you to review your projects at forge design The review phase is iterative, giving you the chance to feedback into the ongoing development of your web site.

We host your site throughout its development on a password protected server which you will have access to to view its ongoing evolution.

Our team of expert and user testers will also be continuously feeding back into the development.


the last step is launch! let's get your website live with forge design Once your project has been signed off as ready for launch we will proceed with our 27 step, an in-depth 'go live' process.

This process has been designed to allow for a faultless, smooth transition, our initial launch of your web presence.